Tommy Derveloy
Artiste sonore
Sound designer - France Toulon

artiste toulon lungs


Since the time, plants gave us always something for our taste, our sight, our health and so on. Today with the technology we have and thanks to the curiosity of some electronics engineer, it’s possible to ear them singing. Two patches placed on some plant's leaves convert their electric variations (graphed as a wave) into notes and control messages.
"Kalapa" means "sub-atomism particles" in pâli, india's old language. Kalapas compose the matter, what we take as the reality.
"Kalapa I" is a fisrt attempt of a four-track EP recorded with different plants.

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Thanks to my dear friend Vianney RUDENT for his beautiful sky pictures.
Thanks to all my friends, my wife and familly to gave me trust.
FULL EP here
All credits to Lūngs

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Lungs - Kalapa I

https://lungsart.com/files/gimgs/th-41_Pochette Kalapa I.jpg

LŪNGS - Hora Virtuousness (official vidéo)